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Simple Javascript function works fine, but not in Canvas on Firefox

Question asked by on Jan 21, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2020 by James Jones

EDIT - the fix appears to be to delay Javascript for 1 second on Safari and Firefox. This now seems to work great with this delay and was definitely the cause.


Hi guys, we're using a custom javascript to make page tabs, and it works perfectly fine in Chrome.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to function in Firefox or Safari while in Canvas - so I'm not sure why that would be different?


I know Canvas can be a little hostile to some html but this appears to work fine in a jsfiddle (obviously simplified) in Firefox and Safari - it's only once in Canvas that it's not working, so it's clearly Canvas causing the error.


Note that Jquery is being called - should I be manually calling in JQuery in the custom javascript file?


Any help is appreciated!