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Late Assignment Policy Settings- Add a weekly option please and allow an input

Question asked by tim jo on Feb 2, 2020
Latest reply on May 11, 2020 by Cebre Jacob

Question/request about the new late assignment policy settings in the grade book-


this is a great addition to the gradebook, 

I have this built into my rubric right now,

but it would be great if the gradebook could automatically deduct those late points from an assignment.


However, current options/settings for this feature make it almost unusable - 

Most instructors (that I know at least) deduct late points on a weekly basis- not hourly or daily!

Also, as of right now, you cannot input the number of days or hours that the setting would apply to.


It would be great if:

• You could add a weekly option

• there was a field to input the number of hours, days or weeks that it would deduct,

• There was the option to input a cut-off date, as many instructors have a time limit for accepting late assignments.


Please add a weekly option and a field to input how many hours, days, or weeks it will deduct.

A cut-off option would be great too.