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Mastery Paths: Level 1 Up to Level 2

Question asked by Layne Heiny on Feb 12, 2020
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I'm finally trying mastery paths and it is NOT going well at all. I've had support look twice and still cannot get this to work as intended. Maybe my thoughts on how it works is wrong. 


Here is the idea:


A student takes a diagnostic quiz worth 7 points. If they score 0-3 then they are on level 1, a 3-6 puts them in level 2, and a perfect 7 is level 3. If a student lands in level 1 then they complete an assignment then take a level up quiz. I thought an 80% would move them up to level 2 but this isn't working. Level 2 never opens. 


Students are taking the diagnostic, getting dumped into level 1. They do the assignment then the level up quiz. They score the 80% and level 2 never opens. I can confirm this by going into student view. The level 1 up quiz never opens up level 2. 


I'm basically chasing my tail because the guides are very unclear. 


Does someone have a clear example? Even the tutorials on YouTube carry on and on but skip many key details (for example, am I correct that 80% above in the level up quiz actually opens level 2? Is there some setting that needs to be done?)


Thank you for "listening."