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College what I most look forward too and my concerns

Question asked by Jamie Florence on Feb 15, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2020 by Stefanie Sanders

Discussion: Returning to College

                   What I am most looking forward to about starting college is, quite frankly attaining my certificate and if I am successful, going for a bachelors degree. I look forward to obtaining knowledge that will help me advance in my career and also give me a deeper understanding in my field of work. I am excited to learn how to integrate myself in this college atmosphere. I am use to doing everything and going it alone. So, to have a social network to help me achieve my ultimate goal and lessen my social awkwardness, is a very new idea and kind of a scary one to me. I do have a working social structure for my career but, there is a difference I believe.  What concerns me the most about starting college is not being able to keep all my due dates, discussions, reports, assignments in line and on time. I work a lot and have an extremely stressful job that entails many documentations, some weekends, and an overall life consuming atmosphere. I most concerned about failing. The new technology is a bit difficult to wrap my head around, sometimes I overthink it and make it harder than it has to be.