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Assigning Letter Grades

Question asked by Ben Philippe on Feb 28, 2020
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Short time, First time!


I'm in charge of a fairly large lecture (100 seats) and trying to assign the smoothest grading system possible that will allow the TAs to simply log in and go through the essays, leave a comment for the students, and enter a grade.


I believe SPEEDGRADER allows for this, however, I have no idea how to set up the grading.


I'm particularly confused about the "Grade out of 0" circled. It's a writing space so, as far as I assume, the graders can write anything there.


Is there a way to set it up so that the grade is logged and tabulated automatically? It's the first of 3 semester assignments.


The "Enter Grade" option only allows for POINTS or PERCENTAGE (Not letter, which would be ideal) and its setup is a little confusing. (for me!) It's just a text box in which you can write anything. Should I ask them to write a grade between A and F there? And then, I would tabulate them manually... elsewhere? I'm not sure.


Do I need to set a rubric? And if so, how? 

Any help would be tremendous! Canvas is great otherwise.