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Problems Using FlipGrid in Canvas

Question asked by Sue Winter on Feb 25, 2020
Latest reply on May 6, 2020 by Rob Gibson

I have added the FlipGrip App to my Canvas course, but when I click on FlipGrid in the menu on the left or select it as an External Tool in an assignment, I just get an LTI Launch Error (see below). Other external apps, such as EdPuzzle, work fine. Note, I am not in student view even though the message says Please contact your instructor.


Just to complicate things, I added the FlipGrid app twice. After adding it once, I was not able to see it in external tools or in the left menu. After adding the app the second time, it showed up twice in both placed. I also don't now how to uninstall or remove one of the FlipGrid instances.


Has anyone else run into any of these problems or does anyone have a suggestion to troubleshoot them?


Thank you!