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Best Video Conference Option for Small College with COVID-19 strain on Systems

Discussion created by Pam Barksdale on Mar 19, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2020 by awilliams

My Culinary College has used Canvas casually for several years, but we are now in a steep learning curve.  We have the Basic subscription.  I've used Big Blue button to record classes for quite some time, but am concerned about a stream quality warning that I saw when i logged on yesterday.  Unfortunately, I'm the only member of our staff that has utilized this function.  We have a significant proportion of low income students without Wifi and /or hardware beyond cell phone.  I'm struggling to identify the best way for us to video conference, as our whole team is learning and we need some basic direction quickly.

1. Can someone help me understand the warning re: 10 or more simultaneous conferences?  Is this referring to users?  Number of live stream conferences? Number of recorded conferences?  

2. What is the fee to upgrade to Premium?  What is the pricing for "as needed"?  How does that option work?

3. Ive had issues in the past with recorded conferences.  Some students can view the conference on their cell phone and others cannot.  Any suggestions on resources to troubleshoot this issue?

Please forgive my elementary questions.  I appreciate any help the community can offer.