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Accessing Canvas account on iOS app

Question asked by Sora Camacho-Roy on Mar 13, 2020
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My university has moved to online classes due to the COVID 19 virus, and we have decided to use Canvas. I am studying abroad in Japan, though I am being sent back to the US very soon. I am able to access my home institution's Canvas through the iOS app just fine, but I am not able to access my foreign university's Canvas through it. My foreign university's Canvas URL is, which I am able to access in the browser just fine, but I cannot log into the app with this URL. It doesn't even load the login page. I am stuck without a proper desktop computer until I am able to fly back to the US, so the app is likely my best and easiest way to work on my classes, of which start very soon. Does anyone have any insights on how to get this to work with the app?