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How to Restart Failed Video Upload to Studio?

Question asked by Debra Sharkey on Mar 21, 2020
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For the second time in 24 hours, the upload of one of my videos from Studio in Canvas has failed.  This time I have the video data captured on my computer in the "Screen Recorder" folder.  Subfolder is "Data" and files mostly end in ".vc"


Because Screen Recorder stalled (and reported a "failed" upload, I cancelled out of it) and tried to upload one more time from the start within the open window and nothing happened ("0% file uploading" message for 10+ minutes) -- which led me to decide it was a screen freeze so I closed out of the window.  Now, I cannot figure out how to get the files uploadeding again. 


Can someone please help me avoid having to re-record another lecture?  I really don't have time for this failure of technology given the work at hand.  Thanks!