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Is there a way to recover a deleted module or assignments?

Question asked by Windy Byrd on Mar 21, 2020
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I have been working all day on building a module.

I then needed to copy that module to another class section.  To be honest - I am not happy why this is so cumbersome.  eBackpack and Google Classroom works just fine with simple clicks.  

Anyway - I believe that I have accidentally deleted my module entirely!  I am very upset and aggravated.  


Is there anyone that can shed some light on if there is a way to recover materials?  

Also, is there any plan to upgrade your current methods of copying content to other sections?  I teach 5 different sections but there are times when our activities are similar and just a few minor tweaks will work.  I should have to start from scratch for each class section.  Good heavens - I would never get anything done!