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Module Access to Individual Students/Zoom and Skype Link

Question asked by Andrew Moore on Mar 26, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2020 by awilliams

Hi Canvas Community!


I'm a new teacher using Canvas and I'm creating my own curriculum. Two Questions:


Question 1

I have a few modules (agenda, concepts) that I want ALL of my students to have access to when they are enrolled. 


After the first lesson is introduced, I want to give them access. Once completed, I can allow them move onto new lesson and so forth


However, I do have students moving at different paces. It's not a full class but private individual lessons with each student. 


I also have small groups (ranging from 2-10 people) that I need to set up too.


Question 2

If I use Zoom or Skype, can they be linked in? If I am going over a module, page, or quizzes? 


Help! Thanks in advance!