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Speedgrader and Spacers that need 'grading'?

Question asked by Donna Salmonson on Sep 19, 2015
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Manual Quiz Question Grading

In a manually graded quiz question, instructors no longer have to remove the dashes in the point field. Once an instructor starts typing a score, the dashes are removed automatically. However, if no value is entered and dashes are still present, the question is still considered ungraded.


This feature was originally submitted by the Canvas community.

This change resolves a fixed bug in Canvas:


Explanation: When an instructor opened a manually graded quiz in SpeedGrader and clicked the dashes in the points field, any scores typed in the field were inserted around the dashes instead of remove them completely. This behavior occurred because the points field was not focusing correctly on the dashes. Canvas code has been updated to remove the dashes when points are entered in the field.


Concerning the above.


Spacer now need grading, but there is no way to grade spacers. Please fix.