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Feature Request: Conveniently Publish 1 Subtopic

Question asked by Hanz Barker on Jun 23, 2020
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This feature request probably exists, but I'll ask anyway.


When publishing a module for a student, I only want to publish one subtopic under the main module. Yet to do that, I have to publish the entire module and unpublish everything I don't want. 


Currently, I have to move assignments I want into a new, empty module. But that, too, is more effort than seems necessary.


Is there some way to make a global setting that either publishes every subtopic (as it does now) or ONLY publish the module and leave all subtopic unpublished? It sure would reduce clicking to have the choice in settings!


Alternatively, if the module ISN'T published, clicking the subtopic would CONVENIENTLY publish the module also WITHOUT publishing the unselected subtopics.