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Looking for a best practice on the use of Feedback for Quizzes.

Question asked by George Taylor on Oct 23, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2016 by George Taylor

I'm posting a question asked by one of the faculty at our institution.


I rely on on-line assessments (Canvas Quizzes) for all of the homework in my courses.  I have built large question databanks for all of the chemistry courses that we offer.  The questions in the databanks include feedback that I have typed in so that students can learn how to solve the problems properly.


My problem is that in Canvas, answer feedback (when there is information entered in the field) is automatically available to students immediately.  As you can see from the image attached, when a student selects the wrong answer, this means that Canvas will automatically tell them the correct answer in the feedback.  As a result, when one students submits a homework assignment the answers become known to the students who can share them.  Further, I would like to allow multiple attempts so that students can try again the problems that they missed until they get the right answer, -but the feedback tells them the right answer following the first attempt so they don’t even have to try for the second attempt, they can just enter the answer that they have been told.


Is there a better way to accomplish what I am trying to do? Can I set it up differently to accomplish what I want?  The way that Canvas is programmed, I have no options for displaying feedback: when it is present it is shown immediately following submission.  Seems to me that in the quiz set-up there should be a check-box that says “display feedback/do not display feedback.”  Or better yet an options that says “display feedback starting date” then I could have the feedback displayed only following the submission deadline.  Could we possibly suggest a feature such as this to Canvas?