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Question asked by RENEE BRAWNER on Oct 25, 2015
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My district is soon to roll out Canvas for K - 12. Although it is exciting, it is also a time of many questions. My administrator wants everyone to know how to use the calendar first in order for parents to be able to view when assignments are due. I have been working on the calendar in the test site and I have a couple questions.

I read the instructions on how "to add a personal event" to the calendar. I added a personal event and it showed on the calendar along with assignments. Question: by personal does it mean, "hairdresser appt. 4:00" ? and if added as personal it wouldn't show on student view?

Also, what is the purpose of the small calendar? just to give a monthly visual? I notice some days are grayed and just can't find how to work with it or if it is just for a visual?

All help is appreciated

A "newbie"