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Unique Grade Book Setup

Question asked by Jon Krasnichan on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by Jon Krasnichan

Our organization has a program that uses a unique grading structure. I will do my best to explain it.


The course has several exams and a final. Students are required to get a 77% or higher on their exams before other course work can be included and their course total calculated. The number of exams varies from course to course. The course also uses weightings for exams, a final exam, and other course work.




  1. Exam Totals = 68%
    • Exams = 48% weighting (spread equally over the number of exams in the course)
    • Final Exam = 20% weighting (1 item)
  2. Final Paper = 10% (2 items)
  3. Certification = 10% (1 item)
  4. Participation and Attendance = 12% (many items)


Our current setup uses the following arrangement:


The course has 3 categories and a single item (Exam Totals, Final Paper, Participation and Attendance, and the Certification). All together these 4 items equal 100% of the course grade. In our previous LMS we have created a parent category called Exam Totals. This category contains a sub-category called Exams and a single gradable item called Final Exam. We have given the parent category (Exam Totals) a weighting of 68%, the sub-category Exams a weighting of 48%, and the single item Final Exam a weight of 20%. The remaining 3 items are weighted based upon the information above.


We would like the students to know their Exam Totals value (i.e. have they earned the 77% necessary in their Exam Totals to be eligible to pass the course) and then their final grade (which includes everything).


I can create a category for each weighting (48%, 20%, 10%, 10%, 12%), but I cannot see a way to combine the 48% and 20% in order to calculate a value.


Is there a way we can configure the gradebook to show 2 different aggregations to the students? One that contains only specific items using a weighting and another one that contains all the gradable activities in the course?


Thank you for your advice and input.