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Discussion created by Champion on Aug 7, 2015
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Since many of our instructors have been on Summer break, I would like to send out an e-mail relatively soon with a brief summary on what they may have missed ... especially if they haven't been checking their e-mails or have not logged in to our instance of Canvas.  (To provide some background, we typically use either e-mail or the Canvas dashboard to communicate information to instructors.)  I thought it would be nice if I could find some kind of e-mail template on the Internet that I could use inside of an Outlook e-mail (and then edit as necessary).  I'm not marking this as a question but rather a discussion since there may be multiple answers...but do you use any kind of e-mail templates when communicating information?  Are there any good (and free) sites that have templates available to use?  And how do you bring these templates into an e-mail message via Outlook?  (I've never done that before...shocker!)  Just looking for something that looks nice and would be of interest for our instructor to read through.