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Multiple Canvas Problems

Discussion created by Mike Brabham on Dec 8, 2015
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We are relatively new to the Canvas K-12 program and our school is having difficulty with it's functionality. Multiple problems include:

Current grade varies between desktop, ipad, and ios iphone app.

    Three different grades on three devices. How are we supposed to know where our kids stand? Which one is correct if any?


Within a graded assignment, some of our teachers want our kids to screenshot a webpage and submit a photo.

     Canvas only lets you type text or upload a video. Uploading a screenshot is not possible under the "message instructor" function within the assignment. The student has to go to the message function and send a screenshot. Some teachers will not accept this and it is resulting in a poor grade for our students.


We have had some students in our school transfer from one teacher to another within the same 9 weeks due to class size etc.

     All grades from the time prior to the transfer have been deleted and our kids are not getting credit for them.. My son had a A average in Social Studies then got transferred and his grades since the transfer are a B average. Is all of his hard work the first 4 weeks of school simply "lost"? Some students didn't have to transfer and they have the advantage of having all of their               grades being counted and also know what scores they didn't do so good on and have a chance to re-take test etc. Unfair.


Teachers are using Canvas inconsistently.

     Some use Modules, assignments, grades, discussions, groups, etc. Some group Quizzes, tests, homework, in class, etc. and some sort it by date. And of course there is no functionality within canvas for a parent to sort it based n the information we need to see. Teachers are locking some things and not others. They don't know what they are doing and they are saying to the parents they have no support in learning how to use Canvas,


All I know is, I run sales organizations for a living and whoever the sales rep is that pitched Canvas to Rock Hill School District Three in Rock Hill, SC could never work for me. Because he or she gave sorry product demonstrations, sorry support after the sale, and sorry response to the needs of the teachers and administrators who paid untold tens of thousands of dollars to acquire this ridiculous, 20 year old software. I can't believe this is a public company.


Can anyone help or is this a waste of my time?