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Ideas on how to bend Canvas into Gamification uses

Discussion created by Janell Amely on Dec 17, 2015
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I am gamifying a course that is heavily based in discussion, and am looking for ideas on how to tally up XP. In this case, the course is for graduate level students, and requires a lot of reading and reflecting. My challenge is how to track participation via discussion posts and reading/playing of optional assignments. I am also looking to combine all the resources that I have found helpful in this community. Jared Chapman's work with Project Delphinium is amazing, but even I could manage to get it working from beta (and my small amount of code knowledge that does not include API/LTI know-how) I would need server space and a dev key from the university that likely will not be willing to supply them. 


Please contribute any ideas or further resources ;p


Helpful resources



Current Ideas / Problems

  • How to award XP for extra readings?
    • Use a quiz asking students to self-report on what readings/games they completed each week
      • would need to auto grade
      • Might be too tempting for students to be not completely honest
      • could double check students self reporting by making each document it's own page, and check if student accessed page (Thanks Daniel Nehring for that idea)
    • use a survey (like google survey) to self report +write a paragraph on what got from reading
      • lets other students see (a type of honesty via community)
      • how to make self graded?
  • XP bar
    • Shows student where they are/can refer to it to say "you should be at least at this level by midterm"
    • Have students self record XP in shared Google Sheet
      • How to make a google sheets visualization?
      • lets other students see (a type of honesty via community)
  • Discussion grading
    • auto grade for minimum (but block so students can't see until full tally)
    • add in extra XP for great posts, and then unblock grades
  • Badges Ideas
    • Most # of posts (midterm and final, or every two weeks?) (can use
    • Best post of the week (reflection/discussion)
    • optional challenge: to present a paper to the class (via video, class is full online)
    • optional challenge: Ninja moderator for weekly discussion
    • 100% attendance