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Calendar desktop view too small to read!

Question asked by Justin Ash on Jan 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by Justin Ash

Is anyone having the same issue as my institute is with the Canvas calendar view on desktop?

Since Infrastructure released one of their more recent updates a few months ago, our entire calendar view has shrunk to the point where we can't read it properly.

The "work around" is to hover the cursor over the calendar events and/or click to open to view all details. Previous to the update we had a lovely general view of the events (time of event, Location, Details etc) without having to hover, click to open etc. We cannot shorten the calendar event details to fit and zooming in and out of the screen doesn't work either.

Canvas have been terrible in giving us a rough idea of when this issue will be looked at so I wondered if anyone else is having this problem and what there resolutions were if any?

Thanks in advance.