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Getting Discussion Notifications in a Student Group as an Instructor

Question asked by Emily Frank on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by Emily Frank

I was just informed by a staff member that she called Canvas and was told that it's not possible to get notifications sent to you when there is a post to a discussion within a student group.  She is an instructor in one of our Student Resource Center courses and had posted a discussion forum in one of 6 student groups (we have them broken down by division: Education, IT, etc.) in relation to Job Postings as she works for the Career Services Center.  Is this something that isn't possible to get notifications for?  We would set her up as a student within the course so she could "receive notifications" when there is activity in this forum, but we'd like her to be in all 6 student groups, and being a student in all 6 isn't possible.  Can anyone think of a workaround if this isn't possible?  Should I make a feature request or is this not something that is common for others?


Thanks for your help!