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Is Crocodoc No Longer Compatible with Firefox?

Question asked by Michele Scouten on Feb 22, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by Lea Engle

A few days ago, I started seeing this message when I went into Crocodoc to grade student work: "Warning: Crocodoc has limitations when used in Firefox. Comments will not always be saved." I didn't get this message until Canvas underwent some sort of update (a few things look a little different than they did the week before on my home page, for example).


I checked the Canvas guides to make sure that my version of Firefox is still supported. It is version 44.0, which according to the help guides is supported. I even cleared my cookies as was recommended in the help guides if I saw a warning message similar to the one I saw. But, I still see the error message even after logging out of Canvas and back in.


I've never had problems using Firefox before or with comments disappearing on me, but if they are not always going to save now for some reason, I'm a little unsure what to do.


Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!