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Best Practices for inline content when copying courses

Question asked by Don Bryn on Apr 9, 2016
Latest reply on May 7, 2016 by Don Bryn

What are the best practices for linking to inline course content?  I thought using course files would be the best, keeping all content with the course, but this seems to produce issues when copying a course.


I use a lot of images in course pages and question banks and so far have always used the file storage for those images.   I then make a  backup of the master course and copy each course for each semester and section that I need the course.  When I copy the course, all the underlying links for those images are referring back to the original course.


The course looks fine to me as the instructor, but because the students don't have permission to view content in a course for which they are not registered, images are blocked.  This also happens if I include links in pages to other pages:  When a student clicks a link in a page, they get an error that they don't have permission to view this content.


So I would prefer the content be copied AND the links be updated to refer to the files in their current course.   If Canvas is unable to do this then I have two problems to solve:


1) Do I need to move the images off of Canvas to a service like Flickr?   And if after spending hours relinking all the course content to Flickr, will I have permission issues again?  And if this DOES work, are there any recommendations for which image store service works best/easiest?

2) How can I link to page files within a course page that won't be broken when the pages are copied to another course?