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SIS course imports do not appear on user Dashboard?

Question asked by Chris Palmarini on May 12, 2016
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We are approaching our first semester with Canvas, and have found something of concern.  When importing courses via SIS, the courses do not appear on the Dashboard by default for either the Teacher or the Student roles.   I would swear that SIS imported courses appeared on the Dashboard when testing in the past, but now we just can't get it to happen.


Is this expected?


And, there does not appear to be a way to have a course automatically set to Published when using SIS imports.  The only method I have found so far is Is there a way to automatically publish a course?  Is that it?


At the moment, I've very concerned that both students and instructors will have a hard time finding their courses when first accessing Canvas, and will need to find their way to Courses > All Courses in order to "star" all of their current courses.


What am I missing?  Any suggestions or insights would be appreciated.  Thanks!