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Impact of changing storage quota for a course

Question asked by Valerie Rake on Jun 6, 2016
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Our university is in the beginning stages of adopting Canvas.  So far, we have not changed the storage quota for any course; the people who have run into the cap so far have been able to identify and remove unneeded files, move video & audio files to more appropriate servers, and optimize what is left. 


I'm sure, however, that we will encounter courses where none of these options completely meet the need.


I'm assuming -- but would like to be sure -- that if we increase the storage quota for the course when it is built, it will need to be increased each time the course is copied forward into a new semester.  That is not an appealing solution, from my perspective.  We try to not set up situations where we are always handling the same exception each term.


I've looked at these 2 articles ( and  I actually would like to encourage people to optimize / use appropriate tools / clean out old files, so I'd rather not increase the default quota.  Any other ideas for managing these resource-heavy courses?