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Gradebook: Calculated grade with and without "treat ungraded as zero" and assignments

Discussion created by Mr. Alan Parman on Jun 16, 2016
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I really can't figure out how the gradebook is working.

  • I want quizzes, exams, homework, etc,  to appear in the Calendar so I make an Assignment. 
    • The Assignment includes point details and among other things a due date.
  • When I enter Gradebook, I would like to see student grades only for assignments already due and scored.
    • I leave assignments which are past due but not turned in blank (as opposed to a "0").
      • This is because to my mind a "blank" is different from a "0".
        • A "0" is a turned-in assignment for which the student received no points.
        • A "blank" is an assignment not turned in.
    • If I check "Treat ungraded assignments as zero" then all student's grades drop (incorrrectly!!!) because all assignments in the gradebook - even assignments that aren't due yet - are included in the grade calculation.
    • If I uncheck  "Treat ungraded assignments as zero" then student's then some student's grades increase (incorrectly!!!) because they may have missed a major assignment but that is not included in the grade calculation.


I think my question is the following:


Is there any way to have an Assignment not affect the Gradebook at all until after its due date?

     Remember: I want the Assignment to show up in Calendar.

    • Why do I need this? If an Assignment affects the Gradebook before its due date then Gradebook shows an incorrect grade when "Treat ungraded assignments as zero" is checked.
      • Any Gradebook Settings?
      • Any Assignment Settings?
      • Or am I using the "Treat ungraded assignments as zero" function incorrectly?
        • Will I be forced to put in "0"'s for assignments that are not yet turned in?
          • If so, how do I indicate the difference between a "0" failed assignment and a  zero "blank" not turned in assignment - use a Comment?


Sorry for the long post - this is driving me nuts.