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hide assignments from instructor's gradebook view using API

Question asked by Vikas Pagar on Jul 7, 2016
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We are working on third party integration for canvas which creates assignment group in canvas using API call (Assignment Groups - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation where we set its position value to 1000 to ensure assignment group is placed at the end). Similarly, we create assignment using api call inside assignment group created in previous step ( position is set to 1000 here also). Now the problem is, instructors do not want to see these "auto-generated", "muted", "0 point" assignments in the gradebook. With above approach auto-generated assignment are placed at the end in gradebook (also on assignment page, thanks to position parameter), but this does not really solves core problem.  

So is there a way I can hide these auto generated assignments from instructor's gradebook view and still keep them available for student to attempt?