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Etudes to Canvas Migration Issues and Workarounds

Discussion created by Cyrus Helf on Jul 13, 2016
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Many schools in California are making the switch from Etudes to Canvas. I wanted to create a place for this community to share their practical strategies for migrating/adjusting their courses.


I've found some major issues and will post my solutions. If you have a better workaround, please share. I will be updating this list, adding videos etc. Disclaimer: these are problems I personally have run into, your experiences might be different. I want this to be a positive/productive thread. There are many things I love about Canvas. That said, hopefully, the migration tool will be updated to fix the bugs.



NEW ISSUE FOR LACCD: Since the switch to the PeopleSoft portal sign on, the Etudes to Canvas Migration Tool does not work if you've never used it before! 

Etudes to Canvas Migration Tool Issue - YouTube 


Links in modules seem to work now after being migrated from Etudes!

Issue 1: Links in Etudes Modules don't work after being imported to Canvas.

Workaround: After the import, have both Etudes and Canvas open to the modules/pages. Manually copy and paste each link (or it may be quicker to copy/past the entire page) from Etudes to Canvas. FYI - links do work in imported Quizzes and Discussions.

Modules/Pages Link Bug: Etudes to Canvas Migration - YouTube


Issue 2: Assignment/Test Start and End Times are off after being imported into Canvas. Tests that are supposed to open at 8am are opening at 1am in Canvas. Tests that are supposed to close 11:59 pm are closing at 4:59 am in Canvas. This issue also affects discussion open and close dates/times.

Workaround: Manually adjust the start/due times of tests and discussions after importing them into Canvas.


I highly recommend using this workaround from James Jones that allows you to change the dates of all assignments on one page:

Link to the Google Spreadsheet:


Written instructions:


The "Adjust All HQ" app is awesome as well for adjusting all dates on one page in Canvas:

Adjust-All HQ - Etudes 


Issue 3: No Base Date/Adjust Date feature in the Etudes migration tool. If you migrate your Spring Etudes site into a Fall Canvas site there is no option to automatically shift all the dates for the new semester.

Workaround: Adjust the Base Date in Etudes to shift all the dates to the current semester before migrating the course to Canvas. Important: Your start and end times will still need to be adjusted (see Issue 2 above), but the dates of the assignments etc. will hopefully reflect the new semester.


Issue 4: Survey Questions added to Regular Quizzes/Tests in Etudes display as multiple choice questions in Canvas.

In Etudes you could add a survey question to a regular test or quiz. The quiz would be graded normally, but the survey question was anonymous. After the import into Canvas the survey questions become multiple choice questions in Canvas. They have no correct answer so if a student were to answer it would show as incorrect and they are no longer anonymous. Note: Only affects normal quizzes/tests. Etudes surveys import fine into Canvas.

Workaround: Remove survey questions either before or after import. Create a separate survey in Canvas if you want students to answer a survey after a test. Note: I don't think we are able to create anonymous surveys in Canvas.


Issue 5: Quiz import only bringing over test bank, not the actual test.


How to Move Test Banks from Etudes to Canvas - Video


UPDATE (Thanks Alice Taylor for the tip!)

A couple of caveats on bringing quizzes over to Canvas from Etudes:

  • To bring over a pool with a quiz, you have to set the quiz to draw the entire pool.  *If you select every question in the pool, they will all come over, but they won't be a pool, and they won't have an option to move them into a pool.
  • Don't follow the instructions in How do I export quiz content from my course?  That process brings your questions over with the html written out as text.  Use the Content Migration tool under your Account.


Issue 5: Quiz import only bringing over test bank, not the actual test. This may only be an isolated issue, but here's what's happening. I have a Quiz with 10 questions drawing from a pool/test bank of over 100 questions. Export it as a zip file from Etudes. Import it using the Canvas migration tool. After migration it shows "1 issue - Import Error - Name of Quiz."  No quiz is imported. However, when I look in "Manage Question Banks" I see the bank with all the questions in it. So it's moving over the entire test bank, but no test. Canvas is looking into this.

Workaround: Recreate the test in Canvas using the Question Bank that imported over.


Issue 6: Assignments (such as Essays) import as Quizzes. This is annoying as Quizzes don't have the same options as Assignments in Canvas (Crocodoc, Turnitin LTI submissions, etc.) and you can't change a Quiz to an assignment in Canvas. Technically, this is not an issue as the migration tool wasn't designed to sort out an assignment from a quiz (unless it was set as an offline assignment), so I'm pretty sure there won't be a "fix" to this issue - See Judy's awesome guide to exporting assessments below.

Workaround: Recreate the assignment in Canvas and copy/paste the directions from Etudes.



Here are some helpful how-to videos for Canvas beginners

I've attached the wonderful Canvas Instructor Cheat Sheet from Adam Williams. View the original cheat sheet.