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Submissions through Turnitin LTI not appearing in SpeedGrader

Question asked by Maya BOGDANOVA on Jan 14, 2016
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Hi everybody,


I am trying to find out if somebody else may have observed any inconsistencies with the Turnitin LTI and if they may have solutions or workarounds. We submitted a report to Canvas and Turnitin in early December without much progress from either parties.


Last semester, we had a large course of roughly 1200 students divided in three course sites. 12 different instructors are involved. Students submitted their final essay in Canvas using the Turnitin LTI integration. We did not encounter any issues from the student side, thankfully. However, we encountered a number of issues when grading the papers.


The biggest issue we have found is related to two cases when integration between the two systems seems to not work well:


  • Case 1: In some cases SpeedGrader tell us that "This student does not have a submission for this assignment" when the student has actually made a submission. We can search the name of the student in the search field of Turnitin (still inside Canvas) and find the paper but not in SpeedGrader. In this case, if the instructor grades the student through the Turnitin preview of the paper (still triggered from Canvas not logging into Turnitin), the grade inputted into Turnitin does not transfer to Grades or SpeedGrader. For those students when you look at Grades, there is no icon for submission.


  • Case 2: In other cases SpeedGrader tells us "No Preview Available" but it has recorded the date of submission in the top right corner. Again we can search the name and see the submission in the Turnitin interface within Canvas. This time however, if we grade the student within the Turnitin Preview, the grade gets transferred to Grades and SpeedGrader.


We estimated that these sort of cases occur about 5-6% and this is what has made the job even harder because we have no idea what is causing it. It seems quite random. For our smaller courses that use the LTI integration appear to work well, so it may be something that is observed only with scale.


Other issues that don't interfere with the grading but are also issues of integration:

  • In Speedgrader, the icon that represents the Similarity report from Turnitin in the top right corner does not appear on all papers. For those that have an icon, when you click on it, it takes you to the homepage of the course and gives a message: "Could not find a valid setting for this link."

Turnitin percentage icon in Speedgrader.JPG

  • When we look at Grades, form some students you can see the color icon that represents the Similarity Report, but for many other we can't even if you can see that they made a submission.


Going back to direct submission to Turnitin or teacher upload of papers to Turnitin is not really a good solution for such a large scale course. I understand that this is the back up but I am looking for ways to make this work within Canvas.


Any experience, workarounds, and suggestions would be welcome.


Thank you,