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Which LMS is my professor using?

Discussion created by Laurie Fox on Aug 7, 2016
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We are on the brink of our first semester with Canvas - about 25 classes will be taught this fall - and our implementation team is looking for recommendations for helping students figure out which LMS their professor is using. (This will be an even bigger issue in the Spring, when we hope to have at least 100 of our faculty using Canvas.)


What worked for your school? So far the options we have thought of include:

  • Put up an announcement in the ANGEL course to direct students to Canvas (this would have to be done manually)
  • Disable the course in ANGEL so it does not show in the student's list of courses (probably resulting in dozens of calls to us saying "I don't have all of my courses listed!")
  • Work with our SIS programmers to put a link or announcement in the ANGEL courses
  • Do nothing ... these are all face-to-face courses, and the faculty can announce in class which LMS they are teaching with

Thank you in advance for sharing your ideas!