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Top Two Most Important Feature Ideas/Bugs/Issues for Canvas Admins

Question asked by Administrator on Oct 13, 2015
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In The specified item was not found. the top ten ideas submissions that are tagged with admin are currently:

  1. More granular permissions for admins (306)
  2. Inactive enrollment status for withdrawn students (216)
  3. Advanced Admin Search & Sort (166)
  4. The ability to edit Global Announcements (164)
  5. More built in reports for Canvas Admins (144)
  6. Pagination for Courses List (Admin) (141)
  7. Create Question Banks from MSWord (141)
  8. Ability to change a users role without deleting the user (126)
  9. Create Global Announcement capability at the Sub-Account level (116)
  10. Extend Course for Individual Student (100)


What do you think are the top two feature ideas/bugs/weaknesses in Canvas from the perspective of admins.