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Student View button missing for sub-account Admins

Question asked by Bridget Irish on Sep 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2016 by Bridget Irish

We've created a specific Admin role, Training Area Admin, for one of our sub-accounts.


The Student View button does not appear for the sub-account Admins,
unless a user is added to one of the sub-account courses in the role of Teacher.


We've reviewed the permissions settings for the sub-account Admin role
but do not see a setting that involves Student View.


Is this the default behavior for those in a sub-account Admin role, please?


Our Admins at the institution's Account-level, however, can see the Student View button for any course,

whether a user has been added in the Teacher role or not.


If there is a way to make the Student View button available to sub-account Admins

without users needing to add themselves as Teachers to a site, please let us know.


Thank you for your time.


Bridget Irish

Curricular Technology Support Specialist