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Submissions API not returning all submissions?

Question asked by Glen Parker on Apr 30, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2019 by James Jones

I think I'm running into an API bug and am hoping you can confirm.    I know the URLs won't work for most of you, but hopefully you can recognize something I'm missing.


I am calling the Submissions API to return all the submissions for a particular quiz in a particular course.    FWIW, there are 6300 students in this course.

The Course (982096)

The Assignment : Quiz 5 (3156530)


The student, Adam Wetsch (ID 3867214), his submission is clearly a score of 100, I can click it and see his submission to the quiz.



However, the API is not including his submission in the results.   I am iterating over the 600-ish page calls, and I do not see his submissions included in the list.   I see more than 6000 other submissions, but his (and a few others) are not inlcuded in that list. 



Here is the API call I am making



If I use the API to load his submission directly by UserID, it loads fine.


I've put in a ticket with support to see if they can replicate what I'm seeing. 


Has anyone else used Submissions and found that some records are missing?


Thanks, Glen