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Conferencing - how to offer students access to just Big BlueButton and not adobe connect

Question asked by Nicola Langton on Oct 6, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by Stefanie Sanders

Tyler Clair

I have been testing how the Canvas set up for using Adobe Connect works in Canvas as what happens not as described in Ean Harkers useful guides at Create a Conference in Canvas (Adobe Connect Integration) and Canvas to Adobe Connect Best Practices / Troubleshooting.   I have established that the expected behaviours (unexpected to me) are

  • When student creates a room = host in own room
  • When student enters other’s room = participant
  • When staff enter others’ rooms = host  ( = default)
  • When staff enter own room = host in own room

We can live with this but only if can restrict students from creating adobe connect rooms due to our limited concurrent user licence. However, if I turn off the student permission to create web conferences then they cannot create any conferences at all not even big blue button (BBB) in their group area. This permission is all or nothing.

Ideally we would like

a) staff only to be able to create / manage an adobe connect webcon at course level

b) students to be able to create webcon in group area that they manage themselves - using just BBB

How can I achieve this?


I thought javascript associated with student roles might be the way to hide the adobe connect option from the drop down menu at course level but have been advised there is curenlty no way of differentiating the view for students and teachers either.  Before raising this as a feature request as am sure there are other LTis and functions that need siilar restricting does anywone have any suggestions?


I have looked at the eSync offering eSync Training and Adobe Connect but it is expensive, still in development and offers too many options