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Developing Course Pages Using Bootstrap

Discussion created by Bill Gibson on Oct 20, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by Isaac Piercy

I had been looking at the Bootstrap training materials Bootstrap Grid Basic at but then went out and found several online sites that offer a "drag-n-drop" Bootstrap page/site builder.  Here is a free app, for Windows & Mac, Free Mobile Website Builder Software that makes it easy to develop a set of impressive Bootstrap inspired pages, including page navigation.  You can even publish via FTP or to an accessible drive.  Once I had all the pages & necessary sub-folders under one main folder, I zipped them up, Uploaded & had Canvas Unpack them into the Files area.  I then created a Page, and added a link the the "index.html" file that was in the newly created folder.  *But I got this idea from a post by Sharmaine Regisford, some time ago, to embed the page directly into a canvas page via an iframe.  **Looks nice and the site navigation works, but I did see a couple of glitches in that some of the icons used in the pages were not found when the pages were displayed from within Canvas. 


Maybe this doesn't work in the Canvas Mobile App, but the pages are highly responsive... like Canvas.