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Can you post only a selection of grades for a moderated assignment?

Question asked by Matthew Harrison on Nov 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2016 by Ken Black

I have setup a moderated assignment with multiple deadlines. As such, those students with early deadlines need their grades and comments released earlier, and others later. The canvas guide for posting grades on moderated assignments (How do I publish final grades for a moderated assignment? | Canvas Instructor Guide | Canvas Guides ) assumes one wants to release all of them, but does not explicitly exclude the possibility of posting only some of these. Can I simply tick the boxes of the students whose grades I want to finalise and post, then press the POST button? I'm concerned that this might finalise all grades, meaning that those students whose assignments are unmarked or unsubmitted may be permanently fixed as 0.


A related problem is the interaction between "posting" on moderated assignments and "muting/unmuting". Again, the guidance on muting does not explicitly mention the interaction between this and posting the moderated grades, it assumes that you have an unmoderated assignment. Colleagues inform me that even if an assignment is unmuted that both grades and comments of all types are unavailable to students until their grades have been moderated and "posted". Can this be confirmed/clarified?