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Question asked by Fredrick Curry on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2016 by Garth Egbert

I still can't send e-mail to my students through outlook.  I am getting very frustrated.  I also cannot find any way to send an official help ticket through canvas.


I am duplicating a post because I have yet to get help.  And, again, I see no way to actually contact the Canvas people directly. 



This is urgent.  I need to communicate with my students.  Every message I send bounces back with a message like this
was not delivered. To reply to Canvas messages from this email, it must first be a confirmed communication channel in your Canvas profile. Please visit your profile and resend the confirmation email for this email address [See]. You may also contact this person via the Canvas Inbox [See]."



Those links are not even a little bit helpful.

This is a critical time for grading and the worst time for this to happen.  My mails used to go through and now they just stopped.  It is vital that I be able to respond to all my students e-mails through outlook.  Using canvas e-mail is not practical.  It is separated by class, orders items strangely, and it is nearly impossible to determine who I have responded to.

This was working yesterday. 

This is not a "frill."  Working e-mail is necessary for an online course.