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Clicker-like Functionality for Online Courses??

Question asked by Robert Collins on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2017 by K SATA SATHASIVAN

I am a course designer/architect for the Physics department at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. We have already put one Physics course completely online (Canvas based) and have had a good experience, so we are planning to put more courses online. Some of the classroom versions of these courses currently use "clickers", which enable students to respond individually to in-class questions. These are very popular with students. We want to use a variation of this with our online courses; this variation could be called "asynchronous polling". The teacher will communicate a question to the entire online class (who may or may not be logged on at that particular moment), then the students will have a certain amount of time, a day for example, to respond (via Canvas, not via clicker). Then some Canvas software would automatically aggregate the student responses and send a message to all of the students with the results. Does Canvas have a feature like that?