Heidi Dickens

Scheduler - an inelegant tool?

Discussion created by Heidi Dickens on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by Ken Black

My faculty are not happy with Scheduler (especially compared to their previous sign up tool).   Here are the specific complaints to date:

  • when opening, does not automatically go to current date (seems random as to where it pulls up);  you must always click the Today button
  • Visual of availability;  seems like there used to be a very faded color coding that showed this, but now we see no distinction between slots that have been taken and those not unless we hover over and in teeny tiny print we see that info
  • is it possible to generate a list of student names by sign up date and time?
    • the only thing we can find is if you click Message, you can click on all who have signed up and see names (but not dates or times) and you have the option to click on all who have not signed up

Do I just need to understand the tool better or is is just a little clunky?