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Grades aren't posting from Canvas to Powerschool

Question asked by Lauren Bowman on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2017 by Lauren Bowman

Hello! I am having trouble posting grades from Canvas to Powerschool.  I had no problem last semester, but this semester, I aligned the categories in Canvas and Powerschool so Canvas can push the grades to the correct categories, but for some reason, all of my "Assignments" in Canvas are appearing in Powerschool as "Homework".  Also, grades that were already input into Canvas are not showing up in Powerschool. If I have an upcoming assignment in Canvas, it is pushing the assignment through as homework, even if no grades have been placed into Canvas yet. (I'm using Speedgrader).


Lastly, in Powerschool, when I set up grades to push from Canvas as "Percentages", Canvas is pushing the grade forward as "Letter Grade".


This is very bizarre and it seems as if my students cannot access any of my "pushed" grades in Powerschool.

Please help. Thank you!