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grading schemes: issue with no rounding

Question asked by Maryann May-Pumphrey on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2018 by Max Gulick

I'm rather appalled by the Canvas Grading Scheme feature now that I've tried it out. Below is a snapshot of my grading scheme from my syllabus. Below that is a snapshot of the Canvas Grading Scheme that *looks* like a match for my grading scheme. But in fact, when Canvas says < 93%, it is being very literal! One of my students has a 92.82% overall grade. Canvas gave her an A-, not an A. No rounding whatsoever! <93% means even a 92.99% would be an A-. 



I worked around this by subtracting half a point from the right-side numbers in Canvas, i.e., the 97% became a 96.5%, the 93% became a 92.5%, etc. But I think:


  • The workaround adds to the likelihood of errors on the part of the instructor.
  • Not every instructor is going to notice this issue; thus, some may award letter grades lower than students should be getting.
  • Computers are better than instructors at math! Canvas should be doing the right thing with a 92.82%--rounding, not truncating!
  • From the point of a historical record, it's not good to have the grading scheme in the syllabus not match that in Canvas Settings.

Anybody know if the new grading scheme UI will be more user-friendly than the current one?


--Mary Ann M-P