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Can I upload Javascript files needed for interactive content

Question asked by George Hatsidimitris on Apr 19, 2017
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Hi all,

my institution has just bought into Canvas LMS and I find that it is generally a superior product to what we initially were using but seems to fail on one key point. I design interactive animations using the new standard of HTML5 and Javascript rather than the format of Flash. The animations run fine in all browsers as they should. However within the Canvas environment the HTML5 uploads and locates the images but the interactivity associated with the Javascript file is no longer active.


A search of the forums suggest that I may need to upload the animations to a separate secure server and then individually include them as part of the Canvas environment by embedding them with I-frames into HTML files. Given that HTML5 and Javascript is the new standard for the future it seems odd that one would have to go to such lengths to include interactive learning resources such as animations.


Can someone make further comment or know if Canvas LMS is looking to rectify this limitation. I did notice someone suggesting it is an inbuilt security feature and another person saying that an Admin account (rather than a sub account) can overcome this limitation. However I am not sure what this latter piece of information might mean to an instructor wishing to assist teaching staff with development.


thanks for any input,