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How does Canvas round grades?

Question asked by Dinah Peters on Apr 20, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by James Jones

I would like to know how Canvas rounds grades when calculating a final grade.  For example, on a test, if a student answers 35 out of 64 questions correctly, Canvas displays "54.69%" as their grade.  The statistics under "Assignment Details" does show that the grade is actually 54.6875%.  When calculating the Total Grade, does Canvas use the rounded number (e.g., 54.69%) or the statistical number (e.g., 54.6875%)?


When exporting the Canvas grades to a CSV file to use in a spreadsheet, the statistical number is exported.    I use this data to project the grade a student will need on the final exam to pass the course or to make a desired grade.  In order for the projected grade to be accurate, I need to be able to round the grades in the spreadsheet to the same precision that Canvas rounds grades.


And yes, this semester, my calculations showed that a student failed the course by .004 points, but Canvas calculated a passing grade (fortunately for that student!).  As the final exam is always a high-stakes test, I want to be more accurate in my projection.  I am assuming that Canvas rounds ALL tests to two decimal places before calculating the final grade, but I'd like to be sure!