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Why does Canvas automatically deduct half for late assignments?

Question asked by Kelly Stack on Apr 30, 2017
Latest reply on May 1, 2017 by Laura Gibbs

I've seen discussions saying that you can't get Canvas to automatically deduct points for late assignments, but my problem is the opposite. Canvas is automatically giving students grades that are half the points if their assignment was submitted late. I am attaching a screen shot to show it. In the screen shot you can see at the bottom left that the Final Score is 31 out of 100, but at the top right you can see that Canvas notes the submission was late, and in the Grade box it shows 15.5 as the score. The grade is grayed out in the grade box, so I cannot edit it there. The only way I can correct this is by giving fudge points, which are also discounted. I need to know:

1. How can I turn off automatic halving of late assignment grades? OR

2. How can I turn off marking of an assignment as late?