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How to override individual total in Gradebook?

Question asked by Nicola Langton on Feb 15, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2017 by Garth Egbert

I have looked at Instructor guides and various questions to the community on how I might do this but have drawn a blank 


Issue:  Where we have students do a resit exam - irrespective of what they may have got for an essay and resit exam -their overall grade (total) can only be 50%. 

In our example there are 2 weighted grades used (3: essay + 1: resit exam score)  to make up 2: total 


gradebook view

We want them to see what they got for the essay (3) and resit (2) but only see what final grade they are entitled to because had to resit. i.e. need total to be 50 not 55.8 in example 

It is not possible to manually enter a different grade in total column and we do not want to 'fiddle' the grades for 1 and 3

Canvas Support suggested we 'fudge' the grades but this is only possible with quizzes (our test in the example scores but is not part of total score) so the solution here  does not work for us

Anyone got a workaround???