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How do you create a link to a file that will open it in a new window without the Canvas menus?

Question asked by Joel Duffin on Jun 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2017 by Mike Hower

I have SCORM packages that are basically zip files (I don't care about storing student progress or receiving analytics). I've uploaded them to a course and would like to launch the SCORM package in a new browser window without the Canvas menus showing.


I had previously found a discussion in the community about this (which has now been archived), that described the following workaround:


Edit the html and change a normal link to a file which looks like this:

<a href="/courses/1290/files/158657/download?wrap=1" target="">module</a>

to a link that looks like this

<a href="/courses/1290/file_contents/course%20files/index.html" target="_blank">module</a>

This seems to work. Unfortunately, when you copy the course, the copy process "fixes up" the links, changing them to the standard format which displays them in an iframe with the Canvas menus around them.


Is there another way to link to files in a view that doesn't contain the Canvas menus?