Denise Dejonghe

Google Drive LTI: Account Level & Courses

Discussion created by Denise Dejonghe on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2017 by Nicholas Demas

Hi Everyone,


What are your experiences after installing the Google Drive LTI at the Account level when you already have it installed in some courses?


Nicholas Demas mentioned in one of the *Google LTI Series Videos* that having the Google Drive LTI installed in a course and also at the account level will result in 2 instances. 

  • What does that mean, exactly?
  • Do users just disable the course-level App and everything works fine?
  • Does it negatively affect any Google Drive content in the course?


*Google LTI Series: Assignments Simplified or Google LTI Series: Accessing Your Assets, or Google LTI Series: Driving Course Content*


Thank you!