Mira Bektimirova

Good Medicine: Plagiarism Detection Has Never Been Easier

Discussion created by Mira Bektimirova on Jun 23, 2017

How deep is our love to you?


“As deep as The Pacific Ocean”, sang Alex Turner making his tone of voice sound so British.

Firstly ringing in the ears, then playing in a loop in the mind, this figurative method of comparison has become one of the most beautiful ways to express love. Unfortunately, my vocal talent has very little to do with the lead of famous indie rock band. So I won’t sing about how much all Unicheck Team (yes, you’ve heard it right) loves you. I’ll write.


Hello Unicheck!


Unplag is now Unicheck. With its reborn, Unicheck gets a new name, new vision and complete redesign. For the better. Not only it is much easier now to pronounce the name (he-he), but also it inspires with a key meaning hidden behind the name: being unique, united, and universal. We’ve chosen it as our mission of global integrity. The focus of it is on suggesting to universities and colleges all over the globe a universally accessible solution against plagiarism. A solution that many educators and students have had in some daydreams.

Seems my love to lyrical digressions can make this post never-ended, so I just leave the link to our main page unicheck.com where you can find more detailed information.



Let’s call it BOOM SHAKALAKA...or near enough!


Why not to talk on important things that are happening in Canvas+Unicheck partnership? It is a cosmic lemonade indeed!  As it was already said in this post, plugins are fading out. Taking the best use of it, let’s say “Bye-bye” to yucky bugs and never-ending difficulties.


From now on, the integration process becomes as easy as never: copy url, click on “Integrate” - and Hey Presto! - nothing to worry about. On top of this, Unicheck doesn’t replace, limit, or obstruct native Canvas functionality. On contrary, we make your big wishes come true.


  • Rubrics was the most desirable feature - and we’ve added it. Now students can get a mark for every rubric created by their teacher.
  • Students submit their assignments right in Canvas. Having received the copy of a file, Unicheck scans it in the background and then sends a detailed report back to Canvas.
  • The similarity percentage is now right in the Grades table at a glance. You’ll love your report.


Unicheck improves its the most important aspects and makes your LMS user experience even better. It’s made for you. Very soon, in July, if to be perfectly precise, Unicheck is releasing new deep integration with Canvas.