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Multiple time slots for quiz

Discussion created by Danielle Sent on Jun 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by Kevin Wright

I have an 8 week course. Every week, I provide a formative quiz. They have to take the quiz that week. However, in the last week, just for the final exam, the students are allowed to take all quizzes again to prepare for the test. I left the quizzes open, but unfortunately lost valuable information in my analytics since the gradebook shows only the last result (does it?). So:


1. Is there an option to see (or download) an overview per student per quiz which shows all information/grades, not just the last one? Including dates? or

2. How can I assign two periods to a quiz (and thus download the gradebook in the meanwhile by hand)? It seems like I can assign it twice but only to different groups, not just twice for the same groups (or am I mistaken?)


Thanks for any suggestions!