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Quizzes or Surveys in Sandbox course (ungraded)

Question asked by Sara Francis on Jun 30, 2017
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I have read most of the posts on surveys, but I need some guidance on the best way to manage my situation. I have a Sandbox page for a non-academic Student Support program.  We offer several workshops throughout the semester and students are required to attend at least 2. I wanted to use quizzes or surveys as way to track their participation. (which workshop did you attend? was it valuable? etc.)



  • If I build one simple survey with no due date and multiple attempts, will I be able to see if I student attend more than one workshops or will the last one override the first?
  • Also, I see that surveys don't appear in the grade book, what's the best way to run reports if I choose this method.



  •  Same question as the first and should I just set it as complete/incomplete or give it 1 point for better tracking


Any guidance is appreciated.